I know  you would like to know how to do these lake pictures.

I have found after a lot of trial and lots of error. The best way is to open 

a brand  new file on  your C: drive . Then down load your" Lake zip", 

extract it into this new file.  Upload your image to this file as well. Make 

sure the image size is correct.   Then both of these (Lake.class And Image) are 

uploaded to your web page host. It will work if you get all of this correct. 

below is the the fragment I used to create this Lake image, where it is red

 you put your own image details.      

Now the Image size!  my original image was 332x208 twice the height  -20 got it to 396 
you need the extra height for the lake.

Have fun :)

<table border="5"><tr><td>
<applet code="Lake.class" width="332" height="396">
<param name="image" value="lakesun13.jpg">

Don't let your  web publisher change this fragment in any way.

  Lake zip