This is how I do the Digital Art!! As each image takes close on 3 hours until I am happy with them , I choose to call them "Digital Art". I don't hide the fact that I use Images taken from my own DVDs. And then if you like I manipulate the image keeping the original as close as possible but oh so enhanced!. In the end it is more like a portrait rather than a moment on a episode . Here is step by step, of how I go about transforming the image. This is not a tutorial, because this one image will take thousands of moves to get it right. " I use Paint Shop Pro "

This is the image I get from my

Computer as you see it is very 

dark and has lots of back -ground


I have lightened the image To 

More or less the final shade. 

I have now cropped the image ,

I will do this several times to bring

 the subject closer

I have now started to remove all clutter

 behind the subjects, In this case I am

 staying 'black' back ground .

Here I have removed the white from around 

the fingers of Kirk, and 'slowly' around the

 Nose and lips of Spock 

I need to make the image longer , here I

 would match what ever colour was on the

 image , here it would be black

I roughly draw in Spock's jacket.

 and Kirks coat . about here I decide

 if it needs to be closer by cropping the


I decide just a little  

Now you will see I have removed some 

of the glass from Kirks point of view, 

I have darkened the hair, got rid of heaps

 of flaws.

 The glare on his face, after this there

 is a lot of work to be done. But that's for 

you to learn. 

I thought it was obvious they were taken 

from images. However a few of you thought otherwise

I still think I do a pretty good job of some-

thing  that was just a capture.

Give the old girl some credit though:) 

My Kindest regards 

Daisy- downunder:)

And here is the finished image link.

 TA!! DA!!

Many of you have remarked on the eyes this

 is my secret but I have learned just how to

 make them as real to life as possible. There 

are many moves to get them correct.

So you see a lot of the image is defiantly done 

by ME 

Hope this clears this up:) .  




Just an Old ladies hobby :):)